Monday, January 9, 2012

My Adventures

So, my mom has been slacking lately. Yeah, I know, right?

She thinks being pregnant is a good excuse. I think not!

Oh yeah, did I not tell you guys? I'm going to be a big sister! His name is going to be Ezra Daniel Hansen. Just this morning I my mom was telling me, "Ezra is getting bigger, he's kicking me!" So I yelled into her belly button (because the acoustics are better from the belly button), "Ezra! Stop kicking her!" But Mom said it was okay, he'll grow and grow and grow, then he'll come out! And so I said, "And I will kiss him!"

Yeah, I'm going to be an awesome sister.

See?! I always say, "Gooooood moooorning, Ezra!"

So for Christmas I got a "Muppet Kit." I can make my own Muppets! My mom, Daddy, and I made some beautiful Muppets. Guess which one is mine?! (Hint; I like bling.)

And since we're going to prove that I'm a weird duck anyway, here's a picture of me eating a snack. Yes, I'm comfortable. Thank you for asking.

Until next time my friends! And no, not four months from now.

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