Monday, January 9, 2012

My Adventures

So, my mom has been slacking lately. Yeah, I know, right?

She thinks being pregnant is a good excuse. I think not!

Oh yeah, did I not tell you guys? I'm going to be a big sister! His name is going to be Ezra Daniel Hansen. Just this morning I my mom was telling me, "Ezra is getting bigger, he's kicking me!" So I yelled into her belly button (because the acoustics are better from the belly button), "Ezra! Stop kicking her!" But Mom said it was okay, he'll grow and grow and grow, then he'll come out! And so I said, "And I will kiss him!"

Yeah, I'm going to be an awesome sister.

See?! I always say, "Gooooood moooorning, Ezra!"

So for Christmas I got a "Muppet Kit." I can make my own Muppets! My mom, Daddy, and I made some beautiful Muppets. Guess which one is mine?! (Hint; I like bling.)

And since we're going to prove that I'm a weird duck anyway, here's a picture of me eating a snack. Yes, I'm comfortable. Thank you for asking.

Until next time my friends! And no, not four months from now.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Annnd jesterday!

So much has happened lately... In July we had to move houses. I'm glad because I like this one better. We went to St. George again and rode lots of bikes... Well, I sat in my seat and Daddy rode. I kept telling him to go faster!!!

Speaking of going faster, we went to Grandpa Hargis and Nana's house and I got to ride... wait for it... a motorcycle! Grandpa put his hands on the handlebars, then I put my hands on his arms and he told me to twist his arm to go faster... and I kept twisting! I'm surprised I didn't give him an Indian burn!... Is that racially insensitive? Oh well, I have no idea what that means anyway. I'm three, afterall!

By the way, today is my first day of preschool! Look how cute!

I had my backpack and my patch and everything. I'm excited because I get to learn the letters of the alphabet! 

Oh, my patch? I haven't told you guys? Well, you all know that I have intermittent exotropia. My mom took me to a different doctor (who was awesome!) because her and Dad were worried about me having to have surgery. Well, this doctor said that patching may help and maybe I won't have to have surgery. BUT, even if I do, the patching will help to make surgery more successful. So, either way, I'll be just fine! Ya hear that Mom?! I'll be JUST fine!

Yeah, that's probably it for now. Mom spilled applesauce all over her video camera so we'll have to see if we can get the funny videos off of it before it caputs. 

See you later!

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Birthday!

Yesterday was an epic day. My third birthday. Oh yeah. I've been asking for months, since January or February, for a Batman cake. And I got it! Daddy frosted it, Mommy baked it. Aren't they great parents? I tell you what.

I had so much fun at my party! We had a huge Batman balloon and pizza and cake and presents! Eee! I don't have pictures of all my gifts, Mom and Dad aren't super with taking pictures when they're supposed to... technically, they forgot the camera and my mom's phone was almost dead because she had been playing Plants vs. Zombies... yeah, I know, I should have given them up for adoption long ago.

So if any of you have pictures from my birthday, email them to my mom and we'll upload them in a separate post. Ugh, parents. What am I going to do with them?

Mom did take a picture of me this morning with one of my new birthday dresses and my new piggy bank! (Please ignore my bed, Mom was in the process of changing the sheets)

I have to tell you... I got so much cool stuff for my birthday. Birthday dresses galore, bubbles, a piggy bank, a dolly, markers and paints, shoes, some sort of Zhu zhu pet that makes lots of noise that drives my parents batty, a Wii Game (just for me!), a bonafide princess dress, and my very own Bat Mobile.

Here is a video of me driving like a pimp out in Elberta...

And a picture of me in my princess dress will have to wait. It will be worth it. I promise. My mom was so excited about the dress! At the party, she ran up to my Great-Grandma Hansen (who made the gorgeous gown), took her by the shoulders, and literally shook her saying, “I’m so excited!” Sometimes Mom is a little inappropriate… and ADD-ish. A picture will come and I will pose! You should have seen me at the party, Mom knew I’d want to wear the dress as soon as I saw it so she had me wear my Easter dress so she could just slip it over my head. As soon as it was zipped up, my head turned toward my shoulder and I batted my eyelashes. Sometimes I can’t help the stuff I do, it’s automatic.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Whenever my mom and mad put me down, I have to mess with them a little... I tell them, "Give me kisses!" And they do... and it strikes! My tongue! Mom wants a big kiss? Oh, I'll give it to her and a good tongue lashing too! Muwahahahaha!

Daddy and I had a blast the other night, I tried to lick him and he... licked me?!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let's try something...

Alright people, you've read what I have to say, now Patrick and I wanna hear from you!

Tell me your best, most awesome, most super, most Addy-esque memory of me EVER! Do it in the comment section below so everyone can see it and giggle and know!

The best memory may get a little something in return... like a signed picture of ya know... me! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Nose in the Corner!

At a Hansen family party, I ruled (lovingly) with an iron fist. My Uncle Brad, who should know better, tossed a ball in the house... And yes, it hit yours truly. I was devastated! The betrayal... I whispered, "Et tu Bradeh?" He tried to apologize but it was too late... he needed nose in the corner. And I'll be darned if I didn't put him there.

Notice that my arms are crossed... to show just how disappointed I was with him.

Asking if he could come out. Don't adults know that if you ask to come out, you have to stay longer? Geez.

It's okay, we still love each other!

Cell Phones...

I've noticed my mom looks at her phone all the time, even when it doesn't ring or vibrate. She's always complaining about "Ghost" vibrations... but I know what really goes on. Patrick and I have discussed it and we are allowing you to know the secret. Are you ready?

I mean, really ready? So ready?!

Let me set the scene; tiny soldiers with tiny bodies, big heads with helmets, and huge feet with even bigger boots... The alarm goes off, a blinking red light... and the soldiers start stomping. That's what happens when you get a call or text. The reason why the "ghost" vibrations happen is because some of the soldiers are really unbalanced, mind and body. So, they're sometimes a little klutzy. They trip over their enormous feet all the time.

Yeah, just don't let them know that you know or you'll be sorry. They won't stomp when they're supposed to and you'll miss an important text.

See? You learn something new every day.